The World is Changing

August 10, 2021

PU N Delivery Image

The world is changing. Once, people changed their own oil in their car, now, we take the car to the mechanic to do this job. Once, people mowed and edged their own lawn, today we are hiring gardeners. Then Amazon came along and people started shopping on-line and we watched shopping habits change. Then came Covid and people started using Door Dash and Uber Eats to get their dinner. They no longer were comfortable or allowed to go into restaurants. And some who were sheltering in place had the grocery store deliver food. It was only natural for laundry to start getting picked up and delivered!

Laundry delivery began because people are just too busy. Most every adult is working, raising kids, and trying to survive the rat race. Covid made it more difficult. Kids were not going to school and parents were working out of the home. Laundromats were less busy because people were apprehensive about spending a few hours in a laundromat surrounded by other people. So some laundromats like Oxford Laundry People decided to come to the people and do pickup and delivery. You no longer have to be in a laundromat with other people. You can have the driver come to your door and pickup your dirty clothes. The next day, he will bring them back all fresh and clean. If you want contactless delivery, we can put the order on your porch and text and knock to let us know that your clothes have been delivered. We will make the process fast, easy, and safe for you.

Things will continue to change. There is a company in Montreal that will fill your gas tank while you are home. No more trips to the gas station. Remember when it was only pizza that got delivered? Now, you can get a gourmet meal delivered to your front door.

Scheduling a pickup to get your laundry done is as easy as ordering on Amazon. Think about it this way, if you don't have to spend hours in the laundry, you can free up this time to spend with your family and friends. We know you'll love this service and will never want to go back to washing your own clothes again.

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